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Memorial Book


The third Memorial Book is new and a different format from the first two volumes. It was chosen for being simpler to use and the paper will go easily into a computer printer. This means the instruction sheets have been revised. If you wish to create a personal tribute please contact the office on 01223 303874 for details and an information pack.



The Books are kept in the Lodge and may be viewed when the Lodge is open.

Once each Book is full, an index is created so that individual entries can easily be found, but each entry is inserted into the Book as it is received, not in alphabetical order.



Each entry is unique in its content - the only thing that is the same for each is the front page format, which contains only the name of the person in whose memory the page is compiled, and dates if desired eg ‘John Albert Smith, 1940 –2010’ (or 1st January 1940 – 1st January 2010), or simply ‘John Smith’ .






Pages for the Books must be requested from the Administrator- please supply a stamped, addressed hard back envelope for the page to be sent to you (minimum A4 size).

















Registered Office : Bishop Woodford House, Barton Road, Ely, CB7 4DX. Telephone: 01223 303874 : Charity Number: 1079635