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Fees and Grave Reservation Details.


Single grave space (burial) £750
This is the full fee for a burial space. If two are required side by side plot (e.g. for spouse/partners) this is simply twice the single fee i.e. £1500. If a double depth plot is required, then the fee for the second burial is only 600.

Making a reservation for the future guarantees a grave space in the woodland, but not a particular location, unless it is alongside a spouse or partner. Reservations can be made in advance until the Trustees declare otherwise

Single grave space entitlement (cremated remains) £350
Barton is fully consecrated ground so ashes may not be scattered; they must be buried. The fee carries full entitlement to a reserved space for cremated remains, a double ashes plot is £500 and the fee includes the cost of ground preparation.

The above charges are reviewed annually by the Trustees. Payments may be made via internet banking, just ask for details

These charges relate ONLY to the provision of grave spaces. They DO NOT include the cost of digging a grave, fees for Ministers and Church services, or Funeral Director's fees.

For a Grave Reservation Form please click here

There is a different form to make a reservation for cremated remains. Please click here

















Registered Office : Bishop Woodford House, Barton Road, Ely, CB7 4DX. Telephone: 01223 303874 : Charity Number: 1079635