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Tree Sponsorship


Unlike some woodland burial grounds, we do not plant trees with each burial. The woodland at Barton has been planted in consultation with the Forestry Commission to create mixed deciduous woodland. It is planted in a glade pattern, with burials taking place in the glades.

The trees (nearly 10,000 of them in the South Glebe available for burial) number among them small-leaved lime, ash, pedunculate oak, field maple, hazel, birch, aspen, hornbeam, Scots pine, holly, white willow, woodland hawthorn, wild service, spindle, wild cherry, and crab apple.

In the North Glebe, a further 10500 trees have been planted, and include ash, alder, hornbeam, birch, oak, wayfaring, yew, dogwood, barberry, whitebeam, wild service, spindle, crab apple, willow, field maple and aspen.

The Arbory Trust now operates a tree sponsorship scheme, whereby existing trees at the ground may be sponsored perhaps in memory of someone special, or simply as a significant gesture towards the work and long term aims of the Trust. We encourage people to consider the woodland as a whole, and we are always happy to choose a tree on your behalf.

The fee for sponsorship is £50 per tree, and a certificate is issued confirming the sponsorship. The money received is used in the maintenance of the grounds and development of the Trust, and can include appropriate pruning, thinning or replacing of trees as needed, is a much valued and very positive way of contributing to the work of the Arbory Trust.

We no longer place stakes with numbers by individual trees as has been the practice in the past - this is a necessary decision to ensure the appropriate development of as natural a woodland as possible. With an ever-increasing amount of numbered stakes, it had become obvious that the natural appearance would soon be lost, and thus be deviating from the continuing aim to develop a natural environment wherever possible. Existing stakes will remain until they perish naturally, but will not then be replaced (this is not a change in policy). It must also be remembered that where a tree has been adopted in the past or indeed will be sponsored from now on, this does not prevent others from using the ground around it for burial or cremated remains.

To sponsor a tree, simply enclose a cheque for £50 with a covering letter to our administrative offices in Ely, with your name and address, and any preferred type of tree. Alternatively ask for a form to be posted to you.

















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